The garbage and recycling industry can sometimes be confusing. This page answers some of the questions that we hear on a regular basis. If you still have not found what you are looking for, please call us at:
(715) 514-2995

What Services do you provide?

Boxx Sanitation provides solid waste collection, recycling and disposal services for both residential and commercial customers.

What form of payment do you accept?

Boxx Sanitation accepts Visa, MasterCard, Checks, Money Orders or Cash.

What do I need to do to start service?

Starting service is easy. Simply contact our office at 715-514-2995 or at the Contact Us page. Our friendly customer service representatives will help get your service started.

What happens if I have items for disposal outside my container?

Our drivers don't want to take your treasures. To be sure, call us prior to pick-up. We'll let the driver know to be expecting the additional items and discuss with you any extra charges you might incur. It is our policy to pick-up a maximum of five extra bags on route. If you have more than five bags, please call our office for available options.

What Holidays do you observe?

Boxx Sanitation observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

If your normal collection day falls on or after the holiday(s) listed, your pick up day will be delayed by one day for that week only. If the observed holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your pick-up will not be interrupted.

What time will my garbage and recycling be picked up?

While we try to be consistent, trash pick-up times can fluctuate for different reasons. To insure that you do not miss us, please have your trash at the curb no later than 5 AM the day of.

Will my trash be picked up in inclement weather?

If we experience inclement weather, we will not jeopardize the safety of the community or our employees. Sometimes our routes may get a late start on these days, or we may not be able to run at all. All we ask is that you leave your trash out and we will get it when weather permits. All routes may be delayed a day, even if the bad weather was not on your pickup day.

Why am I charged for extra trash but don't receive a credit when my can is not full?

Prices are based on the maximum amount of trash customers can put out each week. Just like your cable bill you are charged for a specific service each month and do not receive a credit if you do not use it throughout the month. Any time there is trash above and beyond this set level your account will be charged accordingly. If you consistently have extra trash, please contact our offices to increase your level of service.

Can I schedule an extra pick-up?

Yes. Please contact us at 715-514-2995 to schedule an extra pick up and for charges for this extra service. Extra pick-ups may be scheduled Monday through Friday.

What is single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling is a process by which many different commodities (glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard) are collected together and then separated at large regional MRF's (Material Recycling Facility).

What do I do if my trash or recyclables are missed?

Please call us at 715-514-2995 within 24-hours or sooner so we can correct the error and send a truck out right away.

How can I take care of my trash container?

We suggest you bag and tie all of your garbage to keep your container clean. We recommend that you occasionally wash out your container with soap and warm water to keep it odor free. Be a good neighbor and bag all packaging materials such as Styrofoam packing peanuts. On windy days, these items will blow out and into your neighbor's yard and then no one's happy.

What things shouldn't be placed in my trash container?

Loose food or trash will eventually lead to a stinky trash can so it is best to bag all waste. If the can is over 25% full of sand, rock, drywall etc. it will be too heavy and break when our truck picks it up. Items prohibited from garbage collection are: Motor Oil, Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Tires, Batteries of any kind, Pesticides, Paint, Paint Thinners or Solvents, Toilet Cleaners and Drain Cleaners, Explosive Material, Liquid Paint, Needles or Syringes, Cooking Oil (can be disposed of if solidified), Loose or Hot Ash.

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste describes products that if not handled properly, can be harmful to people, animals, or the environment, particularly surface and ground waters. There are four basic categories of HHW:

  • Toxic: materials that can make you sick or kill you.
  • Ignitable or flammable: materials that can burst into flame at temperatures below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Corrosive: strong acids and bases that can eat through steel and other materials.
  • Reactives: chemicals that are unstable at room temperature, that react violently with water, or when mixed with air at room temperature or give off toxic vapors.
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